The alexander technique

Angeline discovered the unique benefits of the Alexander Technique while pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois.  Angeline instructs private, one-on-one sessions in the Alexander Technique, and also teaches in group settings.  With this gentle, hands-on method, students have felt relief from chronic lower back pain, pregnancy-related discomfort, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal issues.  Angeline works with professional musicians, actors, dancers, children, and anyone looking for more ease and freedom of their daily movement patterns. 


"Angeline is a master teacher of the Alexander technique.  I went to Alexander with Angeline when I was auditioning for MFA programs. I discovered that what I was learning was just as effective in my daily life as for the moment of audition.  Creating an awareness of my daily habits helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally."  -- T. Berden,  film producer













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