Thank you to Everyone who came out to support our debut of "Woven"


NOVEMBER 11, 2017

WOVEN - sequel to GIVEN


DOORS 7:30 PM - Performance 8:00 - No late seating

Location: MiMoDa Studio Theatre, 5772 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles

entrance thru Paper or Plastic Cafe


Tickets can be purchased on - Search "Woven" OR copy and paste the link below


WOVEN is the latest work from Los Angeles - based dance artist, Angeline Holmes. Holmes holds both a BFA and an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois and currently teaches and performs in the Los Angeles area. WOVEN is the sequel to GIVEN, which began from her good friend asking Holmes to create a dance for his birthday. After a 4 year choreographic hiatus, during which time she taught and researched, this simple request from her friend is what awakened her desire to create again. After the exciting premier of GIVEN at Mimoda Studio this past April, Holmes has devoted these past seven months to working on the sequel. Piggybacking on the concepts from GIVEN, a new theme has been born - that of abandonment and hope in a simultaneous gesture that has become WOVEN. This piece, which consists of an exceptional cast including Ben Trotter, Maristela Guillén, Caroline Holmes, and Holmes herself, whispers that perhaps abandonment and loss can also be seen as a gift that is truly GIVEN. 



los angeles premier

ANGEline holmes dance presents


 a new evening-length work

 premiering in Los Angeles at the Mimoda Studio Theatre, 5772 West Pico blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010


Saturday, April 1st, 8:00 pm 

no late seating


“GIVEN” – an artist’s re-birth

Given is the most recent work by dance artist Angeline Holmes.

The piece grew from a simple request from her friend TJ asking Holmes to create a dance for his
birthday; and, wanting to do something truly
special, something with thought; with heart, the piece was conceived.

After a four year choreographic hiatus, during which time she taught and researched, 

Holmes debuted a well-recieved solo work last year in
The New York Encounter’s artist collective Longing for the Sea and yet
Not Afraid.  
That choreographic experience, coupled with the simple moment of her good friend
asking for a dance for his birthday, re-awakened
her love, desire and maybe even responsibility to make dances.

Given is inspired by this
“vocation” as an artist that, according to Holmes, has been given to her
by an entity outside of herself--nurtured by her parents, friends, and
mentors. Holmes sees this piece as something similar to what a mother
may experience – a conception, a fear, a nurturing, a waiting, and then seeing
what it becomes – what is ultimately Given. Functioning not only as a
choreographer or director, perhaps she is a mother of this dance.
Holmes is most grateful to share this piece with TJ  as well as
all who are open to experiencing it! 


Below is the cast that has truly been given

Holmes pictured with Ben Trotter followed by Mary Kelly, Maristela Guillén, and Gail bianchi